Interstate 20 and Gallatin Street

Interstate 20 and Gallatin Street is a frequently traveled overpass where Gallatin street runs under the interstate in Jackson, MS. 4 lanes of Gallatin traffic meet interstate exit ramps, and merge lanes at a stoplight.

Often wrecks at this intersection are caused by phone use, distracted driving and drunk driving. Some 18-wheelers even cause wrecks at intersections like these due to fatigued driving.

Any vehicle could cause substantial damage in this setup as Gallatin has the right of way, but interstate traffic exits with speed.

Video of this intersection immediately before a wreck could be very useful in showing how a wreck happened or that a wreck was not your fault. Unfortunately local governmental agencies do not keep records of these intersections.

This seems to be because of space. Video of an intersection like this can take up as much as a terabyte of space over a six month period. With numbers like these it is easy to see why no one wants the job. Almost no one.

If you have been in a wreck at Gallatin Street and I-220, contact us using the form below.

Interstate 220 and Watkins Blvd

Interstate 220 and Watkins Blvd merge lane is the scene of many wrecks. A short merge lane means that vehicles entering 220 from Watkins drive have a short period of time to merge. With distracted drivers and reliance on mirrors in merging there are often wrecks.

If you have been involved in a wreck at this intersection, contact us using the form below.