Highway 51 and School Street

The intersection at Highway 51 and School street in Madison, MS can be very dangerous. Whenever a highway meets a heavily traveled street, drivers can miss red lights, run red lights or be otherwise distracted. These problems increase when there are objects of interest in the area.

Traffic cameras capture many intersections in Mississippi. If a wreck occurred at this intersection accounts would differ about how the wreck occurred. Video can provide conclusive evidence of what happened in a wreck.

The problem is that often intersection videos like this one are broadcast and then never recorded.

If you have been involved in a wreck at highway 51 and school street contact us using the form below. It may be that some video exists of your wreck. The only way to know is to ask.

Highway 51 and School Street Intersection

Interstate 20 and Gallatin Street

Interstate 20 and Gallatin Street is a frequently traveled overpass where Gallatin street runs under the interstate in Jackson, MS. 4 lanes of Gallatin traffic meet interstate exit ramps, and merge lanes at a stoplight.

Often wrecks at this intersection are caused by phone use, distracted driving and drunk driving. Some 18-wheelers even cause wrecks at intersections like these due to fatigued driving.

Any vehicle could cause substantial damage in this setup as Gallatin has the right of way, but interstate traffic exits with speed.

Video of this intersection immediately before a wreck could be very useful in showing how a wreck happened or that a wreck was not your fault. Unfortunately local governmental agencies do not keep records of these intersections.

This seems to be because of space. Video of an intersection like this can take up as much as a terabyte of space over a six month period. With numbers like these it is easy to see why no one wants the job. Almost no one.

If you have been in a wreck at Gallatin Street and I-220, contact us using the form below.

Interstate 220 and Watkins Blvd

Interstate 220 and Watkins Blvd merge lane is the scene of many wrecks. A short merge lane means that vehicles entering 220 from Watkins drive have a short period of time to merge. With distracted drivers and reliance on mirrors in merging there are often wrecks.

If you have been involved in a wreck at this intersection, contact us using the form below.

Lakeland Drive and Treetops Blvd – Jackson, MS

Lakeland drive at Treetops Blvd is a busy intersection in Jackson, MS. Heavy traffic and rushed drivers often spell disaster. Any intersection can be dangerous but we seek to identify intersections that cause a large number of wrecks.

Video of an intersection scene can be very helpful if you are involved in a wreck. It can be very difficult to prove what happened. Video gives a clear view of how the wreck occurred and potentially which driver is at fault.

In many states the local department of transportation provides video from traffic cams. Often though, they will not record the video content for any period of time. This leaves a gap whenever someone seeks to find video of a wreck.

Lakeland Drive and Treetops Drive

If you have been involved in a wreck at this intersection contact us using the form below.


Interstate 20 and Pearson Road

Interstate 20 and Pearson Road intersection in Jackson, Mississippi. This intersection is the site of many wrecks. Causes of these wrecks include distracted driving, texting and driving, drunk driving. Additional causes include running stoplights, failure to yield the right of way, speeding.

Pearson Road has not blind curves or hidden pull outs. There is typically good visibility in this section of road.

If you have been in a wreck at this intersection there will be limited places to get the video of this wreck. The state department of transportation does not save a copy of this footage for any length of time, only broadcasts it over the internet.

If you would like to inquire further about video from this intersection contact us.

Interstate 55 and Woodrow Wilson Drive

Just before the waterworks curve on Interstate 55 and Woodrow Wilson Drive there is a dangerous merge pictured at the left of the below video. Vehicles enter interstate 55 and merge as the interstate dips, goes under a bridge and then takes a hard left. This combination of factors means that there are numerous things drivers have to pay attention to all at once.

This often means that a higher proportion of wrecks occur at this intersection at Woodrow Wilson Drive and Interstate 55. Other causes of wrecks in this area include failure to yield, distracted driving, cell phone use while driving and sudden stops.

Drivers have to been even more cautions at interstate speeds when so much is going on at once. Keeping a look out around your vehicle for merging vehicles heading south, watching for sudden stops ahead due to the curve, maintaining your own lane during the curve and maintaining focus with numerous everyday distractions make this curve complicated. This is especially true when multiple drivers are attempting to share the space on the road.

The sample video above shows the camera angle that is available for this intersection. There is additional video further south at the waterworks curve. Both cameras could potentially show a wreck on this stretch of road. Linking this other video feed up with the Interstate 55 and Woodrow Wilson video can help tell the full story.

If you have been in a wreck, or are seeking video from this camera, contact us using the form below. Video streams of this camera are made available to the public by a state agency, but no prior records are kept on file or stored for any period of time by that state agency.

Jackson Mississippi – Airport Road at Lakeland Drive

The intersection of Airport Road and Lakeland Drive in Jackson, MS is the site of many wrecks. The causes of these wrecks vary but are sometimes caused by the following:

  • Distracted Driving
  • Running a Red light
  • Speeding
  • Failure to yield or
  • Just bad driving.

This intersection seems particularly primed for running a red light or failing to yield the right of way. The speed limits on Lakeland Drive and the high amount of traffic along with individuals who are in a hurry to get to and from the airport make for a deadly combination. This combination often  results in wrecks.

Additionally there are vehicles attempting to make left hand turns on green lights with instructions to yield the right of way to through traffic. Often vehicles underestimate the amount of time it will take to complete their turn.

If you are involved in a wreck or traffic stop at Airport Road and Lakeland Drive in Jackson, MS there may be video of the incident you were involved in.

If you would like to request more information contact us below:


Intersection of Airport Road and Lakeland Drive

Jackson, MS – Interstate 55 and Waterworks Curve

The Jackson, MS wastewater treatment plant lies immediately to the east of Interstate 55, this curve is called the Waterworks Curve.

The curve consists of winding roadway in both the north and southbound lanes of Interstate 55. The addition of the waterworks to the winding roadway means that there is more to distract those drivers moving through the area. The area also quickly changes in elevation and crosses under a bridge. In the southbound lanes vehicles merge in from Woodrow Wilson Drive.

Often wrecks that occur on this curve are caused by simple factors:

  • Failure to merge properly;
  • Failure to yield the right of way;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Failure to remain in your lane.

The below video shows the treacherous path through the waterworks curve, just before entering the downtown corridor of Jackson, MS. The shown space curves left then right. This change within only a few hundred yards can trip up drivers. Additionally the change in elevation while the roadway curves makes traveling at high speeds more dangerous.

If you have had a wreck or traffic stop at this point in the interstate there may be video footage available of your incident. Contact us using the form below.

Interstate 55 at waterworks
Waterworks Curve, Jackson, MS

Mississippi Wreck Videos actively monitors intersection traffic cameras for Mississippi Wreck videos. Mississippi has some three hundred traffic cameras in operation minute to minute. We have hand selected several cameras which seem the most likely to capture the moment of a wreck.

Click the Mississippi link in the menu bar to see any active cameras or check back here for additional information on what cameras will be monitored.

Mississippi Wreck Video
I – 55 at Fortification St, Jackson, MS

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