Interstate 55 and Woodrow Wilson Drive

Just before the waterworks curve on Interstate 55 and Woodrow Wilson Drive there is a dangerous merge pictured at the left of the below video. Vehicles enter interstate 55 and merge as the interstate dips, goes under a bridge and then takes a hard left. This combination of factors means that there are numerous things drivers have to pay attention to all at once.

This often means that a higher proportion of wrecks occur at this intersection at Woodrow Wilson Drive and Interstate 55. Other causes of wrecks in this area include failure to yield, distracted driving, cell phone use while driving and sudden stops.

Drivers have to been even more cautions at interstate speeds when so much is going on at once. Keeping a look out around your vehicle for merging vehicles heading south, watching for sudden stops ahead due to the curve, maintaining your own lane during the curve and maintaining focus with numerous everyday distractions make this curve complicated. This is especially true when multiple drivers are attempting to share the space on the road.

The sample video above shows the camera angle that is available for this intersection. There is additional video further south at the waterworks curve. Both cameras could potentially show a wreck on this stretch of road. Linking this other video feed up with the Interstate 55 and Woodrow Wilson video can help tell the full story.

If you have beenĀ in a wreck, or are seeking video from this camera, contact us using the form below. Video streams of this camera are made available to the public by a state agency, but no prior records are kept on file or stored for any period of time by that state agency.

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