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WreckVideos.com is a resource for the exchange of information and the exchange of digital video footage of a wreck. If you are driving and look at your surroundings you will see traffic cameras around the country. Many states’ departments of transportation do not save footage from their traffic cameras. This means that once the video is broadcast over the internet that it will be gone forever. WreckVideos.com seeks to catalog and provide wreck videos for a variety of purposes.

Car Wreck Videos

When an individual is injured in a car wreck or motorcycle wreck gathering information is very important. Video of the wreck actually occurring will remove any doubt of what happened in a wreck.

wreck video snapshot

Wreckvideos.com collects and saves footage from publicly available intersection cameras. We pick camera sources from intersections which will most likely show a wreck. Wreckvideos.com also is a resource connecting individuals who have video of a wreck with those who have been involved in a wreck. If you have been in a wreck and are looking for videos of the wreck contact us.

Submit Wreck Videos

If you have witnessed a wreck and have a video of that wreck, you can submit your video to Wreckvideos.com. Our team can help facilitate reaching out to the individuals involved in the wreck and allow the video you took to do the most good and set the record straight about the wreck. Submitting a video is easy and WreckVideos.com click the following link and we will be in touch: https://www.dropbox.com/request/3YtZsppx20OSb2CgG0HL

Contact Us

Look to the menus for your specific state and the cameras being recorded and always feel free to contact us at the form below if you have any questions about our services or what to do after an auto wreck, motorcycle wreck or an 18-wheeler wreck.